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Questioning skills using the NLP language pattern, Meta Model

IMG_4174_edited-2Today I am following on from my recent blog introducing the use of NLP in Coaching and the focus this time is on the Meta Model.
The Meta Model was identified in the early days of NLP from observations of two leading therapists of that time, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls. From observation Grinder et al noticed that both therapists used a particular linguistic pattern when asking questions. Both therapists asked questions that invited the client to gain clarity about the presenting issue.
In many ways this model has become the foundation of non-directive coaching and yet this source is often overlooked. NLP adds value by producing a well-defined framework that can be used to design elegant questions. The Meta Model is non-directive and allows the client to find their own solutions by discovering new perspectives.
A key component to this approach is focusing on process rather than content. Instead of asking the client for historical data about an issue we might ask questions that begin to loosen their attachment to an issue.
Most NLP Trainers and Master Trainers will spend a considerable amount of time teaching this model as there are many levels and refinements. In my next blog I will share a small case study showing what questions could be asked using the meta- model.
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