Emotional Intelligence Testing (MSCEIT)

What is Emotional Intelligence?

This term was first popularised by Daniel Goleman in his best seller “Emotional Intelligence”. It was in fact first coined by John Mayer and Peter Salovey who gave Goleman permission to use their label.

Of course, Emotional Intelligence existed long before this label appeared, however it does give us some useful models to explore such an important topic. Mayer and Salovey’s model provides a useful basis for discussion. They refer to the four branches of Emotional Intelligence:

The test can be debriefed either face to face or over the telephone. The telephone debrief uses an on-line programme that allows the participant to see the results that appear on the Practitioner’s screen (access to an internet enabled computer is a condition of telephone debriefing). The debrief lasts about one hour

  1. Perceiving Emotions – the ability to accurately identify facial expression, non-verbal signals and minimal cues in others regarding emotion. This is also extended to the ability to recognise emotion in art.
  2. Using Emotions to Facilitate Thinking – by knowing how emotions affect our thinking and how to utilise our emotions we can become more effective at problem solving, reasoning, decision making and creativity.
  3. Understanding Emotions – The ability to accurately label emotions and understand how one emotion can lead to another. For example understanding how irritation can escalate to anger.
  4. Managing Emotions – The ability to manage emotions in both yourself and others without resorting to unhealthy suppression of feelings.

The MSCEIT is a psychometric to measure Mayer and Salovey’s four branches of Emotional Intelligence. The test is taken on-line by the participant at a time that suits them. A report is then sent to the EI Practitioner with the results.

The results from the test can then be used in conjunction with Executive Coaching or other development programmes.


  • MSCEIT stands for Mayer, Salovey and Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test.
  • Test administered on-line.
  • Debriefing about one hour face to face or by phone.
  • Investment £200 plus VAT or £50 plus VAT if used in conjunction with an Executive Coaching session.