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HR, Learning & Development

HR: Raising the Profile

An article outlining practical steps for HR and Training departments to help them enhance their profile and credibility within the organisation.


Horses For Courses

Published article about the use of horses in Leadership training. Written by Guy Whitmore after experiencing a day with GWiz and Liberty Equine Leadership.

As seen in COUNTRYSIDE MAGAZINE January 2012

Organisational Politics

An article exploring how to be more successful and progress in the workplace. Integrates models including: Coleman’s “PIE (Performance Image & Exposure)”, Scheele’s “Sustainers and Achievers”, and Baddeley and James’ “Donkey, Owl, Sheep, Fox”.

Maximising Transfer of Learning in Organisations

An article providing a seven step plan to making sure learning transfers from learning events to the workplace.

Getting People on Courses

An article providing essential tips and techniques for HR/Training departments to get staff in the organisation to want to attend training courses and then actually turn up!

Mentoring Competency Framework

This paper gives an outline of the GWiz competency framework for Mentors & Mentoring, based on the European model of mentee focus development. A five phase process is discussed.

Personal Development

Self Esteem

  An article discussing self esteem in the work environment.

The Persuasion Mindset

Five strategies for getting yourself ready to be a great negotiator and persuader.

General Interest

How to Remember Your Dreams

A one page guide to helping you increase your dream recall.

Notes on Lucid Dreaming

Some of the key findings from research carried out during a BA dissertation on ‘An Exploration into the Nature of Lucid Dreaming’. The author, Joe Cheal, has been fascinated by the dream world as far back as he can remember. He became interested in lucid dreaming (the ability to bring your waking mind into your sleeping dream state) in his teens, and decided to research it further in 1992 whilst doing a degree in Philosophy and Psychology.

The Didjeridu: A Guide

Something a little different! An unpublished manuscript about the didjeridu (or didgeridoo) with a forword by Rolf Harris. Includes history and mythology, how to play and circular breath, how to make your own and references.